You have probably heard all of the fantastic physical and mental benefits that CBD (otherwise known as cannabidiol) can provide you. Regular use of CBD can provide health benefits such as:

  • Relief of pain
  • A reduction of inflammation
  • Relief of anxiety and stress
  • Suppression of nausea
  • Increase of appetite
  • Relief of insomnia

There are some cases where using normally innocuous therapies such as CBD supplementation could be troublesome. One of the times that caution should be used is when taking anything extra is during pregnancy. CBD use could help to-be moms with many of the unpleasant sensations (such as chronic pain, nausea, and anxiety) caused by pregnancy.

However, it makes sense to take a moment to think about the potential side effects that could occur for the growing baby. Is CBD safe for pregnancy? Let’s take a deeper dive into the beneficial connection between CBD oil and pregnancy.

The Effects of THC on Pregnancy

THC (also known as tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most famous cannabis compound due to the fact that it is responsible for the psychoactive effects (aka high) that marijuana is so well-known for. THC is also a compound that has shown consistent negative effects on developing babies during pregnancy. Research has shown that THC use can damage developing embryonic cells and also cause unnatural changes in ovulation cycles. If you are a pregnant lady, you should avoid smoking any cannabis or using any other products that contain THC.

The Effects of CBD on Pregnancy

Even though it is also a cannabinoid, CBD doesn’t seem to cause the same type of negative effects that THC  initiates in pregnant women and their unborn babies.

A research study conducted in 2010 used synthetic CBD on cells on the outside of a pregnant woman’s body. This study showed evidence that CBD can help control oxytocin-induced contractions of the uterus.  It was concluded that this occurred due to CBD’s exceptional ability to relax muscle fibers.

On top of this, many other controlled experiments have been conducted that involved dosing pregnant mice with CBD. Most of these other studies noted that CBD has no association with any type of damage to the pregnant mice and the babies. These factors seem to show that CBD is much more healthy to use than THC for pregnant women. Human studies still need to be conducted in order to confirm these results.

What is the Best Way to Take CBD During Pregnancy?

There are many different ways that you can take CBD if you are pregnant. You should probably choose the least harmful way to ingest it, to avoid any unnecessary stress to your body. That means that you should probably avoid vaporizing CBD oils. It might even be a good idea to not ingest CBD edibles or tinctures as well.

Topical CBD oils or lotions applied directly on to the skin might be the easiest way for your pregnant body to handle, while still allowing you all of the benefits of this wonderful cannabinoid.

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