CBD, which is an amazing cannabinoid found in abundance in both hemp and marijuana, has been shown to provide an array of positive health benefits for the mind and body. Many research studies conducted over the past few decades have revealed a great deal of this compound’s beneficial properties. However, one of the most recent discoveries about CBD (otherwise known by its proper scientific name cannabidiol) is extremely surprising! Did you know that it now seems possible that people can use CBD oil tinctures to quit smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products?! Let’s take a deeper dive into this recent finding below!

Can I use CBD oil for quitting smoking?

Believe it or not, a study conducted by University College London came to the conclusion that cannabidiol actually can! While many past research studies have found some evidence that CBD can help assuage many different types of drug addiction, this study is the first to clinically study how CBD can affect tobacco addiction in actual humans!

How was the study conducted?

Twenty four cigarette smokers were split into two 12-person groups. Each member of one of the groups received a CBD vaporizer while the members of the opposite group were given a placebo. Everyone was then told to use this “inhaler” whenever they felt their normal urge to smoke cigarettes. The study was conducted for 7 days to see if the cannabidiol would have any quick-acting effects.

How many patients who used CBD oil quit smoking?

As expected, the group that used the placebo vaporizer didn’t exhibit any changes in their smoking habits at all. However, the group that used the CBD inhaler had vastly reduced the number of cigarettes that they smoked through the week! On average, each person in the cannabidiol test group reduced their cigarette consumption by roughly 40 percent! That is an extremely impressive statistic, especially when taking into account the fact that both groups were not even asked to stop or slow their cigarette smoking habits. They were simply just asked to take their inhaler when they felt their smoking urge and then to continue with their day like normal.

Is vapor safer than smoke?

It is interesting to note that this study used vaporized CBD to study its effect on tobacco smokers since both of these substances were being inhaled into the lungs. While both of these products can cause irritation or damage to the lungs, vapors are produced with far less inflammation-causing heat and produce far fewer toxic compounds than smoke. While neither application type is perfect, most experts would agree that CBD vapors are far safer to ingest than tobacco smoke.

It should also be noted that there are a number of other CBD products available on the market that don’t need to be inhaled that could also help cease the urge to smoke cigarettes. Cannabidiol supplements come in so many different forms now! A couple of gummy bears, beverages, sublingual tincture drops, or topical applications might be able to provide some similar benefits without causing any lung irritation at all!

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