Many people are now aware of how the use of medical marijuana, hemp, and CBD is great for the health of the body. However, most of these people think the use of these products (especially CBD) is a new innovation in medicine.

But, to be honest, most of the United States populace is unaware of how long these products have been used throughout our history. As a matter of fact, there is a tremendous amount of evidence that points to the use of cannabis by humans for the past 5000 years or more!

That just further illustrates how humans have always looked for beneficial plants and herbs throughout time to help them get fed, heal quicker, and just feel better overall. But when did we learn how to isolate the CBD cannabinoid from hemp and/or marijuana by itself? And when did we learn of the many specific beneficial properties that CBD can provide to ailing patients? Let’s help answer these questions by going over the past history of CBD below:

CBD Was Discovered By Accident?

As with many important scientific discoveries, CBD (also known by its scientific name cannabidiol) was discovered almost completely by accident. A researching chemist by the name of Roger Adams was the first person to successfully extract CBD from a cannabis sativa plant in 1940.

However, this researcher who had graduated from Harvard University wasn’t even aware of what he did! As a matter of fact, Adams didn’t even realize he did any type of chemical extraction at all! It took several years for Adams and other researchers to realize a chemical extraction occurred; only then did they start doing research on this medicinal powerhouse of a compound.

The First Modern CBD Tests

In 1946, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam was able to deduce the three-dimensional chemical structure of CBD through his research. This is the reason that many scientists officially class Dr. Mechoulam (and not Roger Adams) as the scientist who “discovered” CBD.

The first CBD tests on lab animals were done in the same year by a gentleman named Dr. Walter S. Loewe. Through these tests, Dr. Loewe ended up concluding that CBD didn’t cause any type of psychoactive effects or “high” that other marijuana compounds did. This spurned more researchers to look more closely at the CBD cannabinoid.

Additional research on lab animals (notably primates) to find the effects of CBD continued through the 1960s until British Pharmacopoeia created the first CBD oil supplement authorized for human therapeutic use.

CBD medical research kept continuing on for decades due to the amazing beneficial health properties it was displaying.

The State of CBD Today

CBD is now widely recognized as a compound with varied and powerful medicinal uses. This is why CBD is widely legal throughout the United States; only a few cities or states have laws that prohibit the use of CBD for any reason at all. The only national stipulation needed to buy and use CBD legally is that it needs to be derived from the “hemp” plant rather than the “cannabis” plant. As long as that is the case with the CBD supplements that you are looking to buy, you should have no real issues with law enforcement.

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