While many people have undoubtedly heard about CBD oil, its potential therapeutic benefits, and other perks that come included, not many of them know what CBD is, how it’s supposed to be used, and on top of that – how long does CBD oil stay good and whether it should be refrigerated. 

If you’re struggling to find answers to these questions, you’ve come to the right place! We will address a couple of essential factors in regards to CBD oil preservation so that you know what to expect and how to handle your batch once you start using it. 

How to Store CBD Oil? 

For the sake of keeping everything simple and comprehensive, we will be looking at three crucial things you should keep in mind when storing CBD oil.

Keep Your Oil Away from Direct Sunlight

While this is probably the first thing that comes to one’s mind and is usually one of the most obvious advice you’d expect to get, some people are simply not aware of the harmful effects sun rays can have on their CBD oil. Leaving anything that has to do with food or consumption exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period is inherently a wrong approach, and CBD isn’t an exception.

The vast majority of CBD oils will degrade if exposed to sunlight for long periods, even though some manufacturers put their products in bottles and packaging foreseen to protect against light damage. The best place to store your CBD oil is in a dark, dry, and relatively cool cabinet, drawer, or pantry. cannabis leaves placed on dark background

Keep CBD Oil Away from Direct Heat 

Exposure to direct heat has much more impact than exposure to light. Since CBD is usually comprised of natural compounds, they tend to change their properties relative to the temperature they are being exposed to. This means that you can end up with a murky and more buttery batch than you would typically expect, and by that point, you can’t know how much damage has already been done.

So, don’t keep your oil near any heat source, including stoves, ovens, windows, heaters, etc.

Exposure to Air is Equally Detrimental

Most people are caught by surprise when they find out that exposure to air can be as detrimental as exposure to heat or sunlight, but it’s true. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t open the bottle and do your business the usual way, but make sure to close and seal the container right after you’re done. Bear in mind; all cannabinoids will degrade when exposed to heat, light, or air for extended periods.

Does CBD Oil Need to Be Refrigerated? 

Without going too deep into the technicalities, the short answer is – yes. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to keep your CBD in a cool and dry place, but if you have the option to refrigerate CBD oil, it would be the ideal solution. If you’re looking to prevent degradation for short periods, store your batch in the fridge. On the other hand, if you’re looking to store it for much later, don’t hesitate to put it into the freezer. Keep in mind that your oil is probably going to thicken or solidify if frozen. Still, you can easily defrost it by running the bottle under lukewarm or hot water. 

If you’re interested in finding more about CBD, proper preservation techniques, its potential therapeutic properties, and more – read our other articles. If you want to try top-quality CBD oil, be sure to visit our hemp store.