CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is a common cannabinoid found in marijuana and hemp plants. This amazing cannabinoid is widely characterized as the primary medicinal powerhouse compound responsible for most of the beneficial physical and mental attributes that cannabis and hemp provide.

Do you happen to live in the state of Florida and are interested in using CBD as a regular supplement, but have no idea who to ask or where to start your research? Luckily, you came to the right place! Let’s show you everything you need to know about CBD in Florida!

Is CBD oil legal in Florida?

This is an extremely common question that many residents of Florida ask, as a result of our state’s historically uncompromising hard stance against anything related to cannabis or hemp. As a matter of fact, in many ways, Florida has had some of the strictest laws in the country against these therapeutic plants. However, that has finally changed due to our recently passed medical marijuana laws and the waves of research confirming the many medicinal benefits of marijuana and hemp.

Many Florida residents who were previously completely dead set against any type of weed usage are now starting to get interested in getting their hands on some types of cannabinoid supplements. So, if you find yourself concerned about the legality of CBD oil, you can now relax; it is completely legal in Florida! However, the type of CBD oil that you can obtain legally depends on a few qualifications.

What type of CBD oil can I use?

The CBD oil that you can legally use is based on whether or not you have a medical marijuana card issued by the state of Florida. Do you already have a medical marijuana card? Then you are free to use any type of CBD oil that you can find in the state. That includes the almost THC-free CBD oil that is derived from hemp, and also any type of cannabis-derived CBD oil that is available for sale in Florida weed dispensaries.

If you don’t have a Florida-issued medical marijuana card, you still have plenty of CBD options! While you cannot legally obtain or use any cannabis-derived CBD oils, it is completely law-abiding behavior for you to use CBD oils that are extracted from hemp plants. Many tobacco smoke shops and health supplement stores carry hemp-based CBD oils for you to buy and enjoy!

Why is there a legal difference between cannabis-derived CBD oils and hemp-derived CBD oils?

First things first, all cannabis products (including cannabis-extracted CBD oils) are considered to be Schedule 1 narcotic substances by the federal government. This means the US government still believes that there are no effective medical applications for cannabis products at all.

Hemp-extracted CBD oils are tolerated and considered completely legal by this exact same entity. Luckily for many of us, that means that hemp-based CBD oils are legally sold in all 50 states throughout the United States. They are simply tested to make sure that their THC levels are almost negligible so that these CBD oils cannot cause an inadvertent psychoactive effect or “high”.

All CBD oils made from hemp contain a THC percentage of 0.3 or less. But, since hemp plants themselves contain very little THC in the first place, the process to produce this type of oil is quite straightforward.

However, cannabis-derived CBD oils are only legal in the states that have passed legislation that allows for their use for medical or recreational reasons. Florida only allows for these types of CBD oils to be used by residents who are holding a currently viable medical marijuana card. This is because cannabis-based CBD oils usually contain a significant dose of THC. Even CBD oils with just a five percent concentration of THC are much more psychoactive than most naturally grown cannabis plants.

Is there any difference in the health benefits provided by cannabis-derived CBD oils and hemp-derived CBD oils?

Pouring hemp oil into spoon on blurred background, closeup

While both of these products can provide your body with copious amounts of healing, medicinally-beneficial CBD, there does seem to be some differences in the health effects they can provide.

Medical cannabis and hemp researchers have found indications that full-spectrum CBD oils extracted from hemp contain enough medicinally active cannabinoids to successfully treat most health conditions. However, most of these same researchers agree that incorporating THC with a regular CBD regimen can combat most of these same health problems even more successfully. Some of these experts even question whether CBD products without any THC have much effectiveness in treating medical conditions at all.

It seems that the truth is located somewhere between both ends of the CBD oil spectrum. Obviously, marijuana products that contain effective levels of THC have been shown to be very effective at combating a variety of illnesses; this is the primary reason that medical marijuana has become legal in so many states.

Numerous people have given both anecdotal and scientific evidence that CBD oil derived from hemp, that contains no THC, has successfully treated thousands of people for a variety of medical conditions.

If you are wondering if hemp-derived CBD oils can be effective for your health problems, just go ahead and try it! Start with low doses to avoid wasting unnecessary oil and see if you start feeling some relief for your condition. If these types of CBD oils don’t seem to work very effectively, you might need to go through the somewhat daunting process of obtaining your medical marijuana card in Florida so you can legally use cannabis-derived CBD oils.

What do I need to do to get a medical marijuana card in Florida?

First, you must suffer from a medical illness that Florida accepts as a qualifying condition to get your MMJ card. 

To obtain a medical marijuana card in Florida, you will have to take as much evidence as you can (in the form of x-rays, written diagnoses, etc.) to a medical marijuana evaluation center, and the doctor working there will help you get your MMJ card.

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