Do you live in Florida and are wondering if you can get a medical marijuana card? Well, you are in luck! While many other cities and states have been opening up medical marijuana programs for decades now, only recently has Florida decided to what is right for its ailing citizens, and started a medical cannabis program of its own.

Once Amendment 2 was passed into law and came into effect at the turn of 2017, people with qualifying medical conditions became able to use cannabis legally as a therapy option. However, there weren’t any locations that were set up to sell medical cannabis legally to these wanting patients at that time.

As a matter of fact, only in 2018 have medical marijuana dispensaries started to open in Florida. This is primarily due to the tremendous amount of red tape that the state of Florida mandated for prospective dispensary owners to cut through before they could open their stores.

But, at least now there are places where patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions can safely obtain their medicine without having to worry about getting in trouble with law enforcement. Are you suffering from some of these qualifying medical conditions and are looking for a new form of therapy? Well, let’s show you how to get medical marijuana card in Florida here!

How to Get Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

1) You Need The Right Paperwork

In order to get your medical marijuana card in Florida, you will need to show proof that you are a legal resident of the state in the form of a Florida-issued driver’s license, ID card or passport. You will then need to collect your medical records and give them to a physician that is registered with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry in the state of Florida.

As long as you have been a patient of this doctor for more than three months, you can then ask them to give you a signed physician’s statement that you are a candidate for Florida’s medical marijuana program.

2) Get Admitted Into The Medical Marijuana Use Registry

Once your doctor has given you the green light for medical marijuana treatment, he/she has to then enter your information to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. This registry, which is also known as the Compassionate Care Registry, is operated by the United States Department of Health.

3) Submit Your Medical Marijuana Card Application

As soon as you are accepted into this registry, you can complete your medical marijuana card application to submit to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. You can complete this step by yourself or with the help of a legal representative or physician (though this additional help usually comes with some extra fees).

Being accepted by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use and the Department of Health can take up to two months, so don’t be too concerned if this particular step takes awhile. Once your application is accepted, you officially become a medical marijuana card carrier!

How Much Does a Medical Marijuana Card from Florida Cost?

Florida MMJ card expenses are made up of two fees:

  • The initial fee for the qualified prescribing physician = roughly $100, but it depends on the doctor.
  • The registration fee for the medical marijuana card application = $75.

Keep in mind that your cannabis card will need to be renewed every year. All you have to do is check which medical conditions you might be suffering from that will qualify you for Florida’s medical marijuana program, and you can get this process started.

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