Vaporizing oils is one of the coolest ways to ingest CBD oil products and other smokable products. It makes sense; the vapor clouds that produced are good-looking, large, white and expansive.

The vaporizers also have quite a bit of style themselves. So, it only natural that people would start taking their vaping habits to another level by doing vape smoke tricks.

Do you know how to do any smoke tricks with vape pens? Let us show you how to do some, to add to your repertoire!

The Basics of Vape Smoke Tricks

Smoke tricks with vape pens are extremely popular because they produce a much denser “smoke” than cigarettes, joints, and blunts do. This is one of the main reasons that you need to figure out how much smoke you can actually produce with your vaporizer when you first start trying tricks.

Most vape tricks require a lot more smoke than you might typically inhale during a normal toke. Once you really get the hand of producing a ton of vapor consistently without coughing, you can start properly practicing smoke tricks.

Does the Type of E-Juice I Use Matter For My Vape Tricks?

The e-juice that you use in your vaporizer does actually affect the type of smoke tricks that you can do. Most e-juices are made from either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.

Propylene glycol-based e-juices are very popular with individuals who want to enjoy a somewhat heavy/harsh hit when they vape. However, vegetable glycerin e-juices produce a far larger volume of vapor that is also much less harsh on the throat and lungs. These factors make vegetable glycerin-based e-juices more ideal for doing vape smoke tricks with. But, you can still pull off a decent amount tricks if you prefer using propylene glycol juices.

How to Blow an “O”

Blowing an O should be the first vape trick you learn. They are quite simple, easy to learn, and are one of the oldest tricks in the book. Practicing them will also help you learn more advanced vape techniques. You can probably start blowing good-quality Os with just a few practice tries. Just follow these steps:

1) Take a large but manageable hit of your vape pen

2) Allow the vapor to linger in your mouth and lungs

3) Start pushing it out of your mouth gently

4) Make an O-shape with your lips

5) Blow/cough out small balls of vapor through your lips

6) Keep your tongue raised to the middle of your mouth to create an O out of the exhaled ball

7) Try blowing different sizes of Os by adjusting the position of your mouth and tongue

Heavy Mist Trick

All you need for this trick is a cold drink in a glass and your vaporizer.

1) Take a sizable hit of your vaporizer

2) Push your lips to the edge of the glass

3) Exhale the vapor inside the cup

The vapor will settle on top of the cold drink and not dissipate into the air as quickly as normal. It will slowly start to spill out and make a cool-looking spectacle.

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