Black Bear Hemp is happy to introduce to you our CBD Gummy Bears. Our tasty CBD gummies are perfect to eat anytime as a scrumptious snack while also providing you with the best quality doses of the best anti-inflammatory compound around: CBD!


Black Bear Hemp CBD Gummy Bears are not your typical CBD edible!

All of our products, including our CBD gummies, are completely THC free and sourced directly from the highest quality hemp. While this fact may seem mundane, it is actually very important for many consumers because it means that you will have no chance of getting an accidental “high” or failing any incidental drug tests that test for THC. This is because all of our edible products contain no THC at all since our CBD is sourced from hemp, which is rich in CBD, rather than the traditional cannabis plant, which is rich in THC. However, this doesn’t mean that our products won’t have any therapeutic or recreational values for you!

Our CBD oil gummies are quite potent because they actually contain a higher concentration of CBD than most other CBD gummy bears on the market. Each of our CBD gummies contains a whopping 25mg of CO2 hemp-extracted CBD oil! Also, because we use the highest quality hemp to source our CBD oils, our CBD oil gummies, and other products contain the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD available on the market.

– Our CBD oil gummies have a very unique and high concentration of CBD
– Each CBD gummy bear contains 25 mg of Broad Spectrum CO2 extracted CBD oil
– Each 750 mg bottle contains 30 gummies for you to enjoy
– Our CBD gummies are completely THC free
– All of our products are sourced from the highest quality hemp

CBD Oil Gummies Ingredients:
– organic evaporated cane juice
– organic corn syrup
– organic white grape juice concentrate
– pectin sodium citrate
– citric acid
– ascorbic acid
– natural flavors
– colors added (including annatto, turmeric, grape juice concentrate, red fruit juice concentrate)
– packaged in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products

Store at room temperature for up to 1 year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading Hemp Extracted CBD brand, Black Bear Hemp offers GMO-free CBD gummies made from the finest CBD extracted from organic hemp. There’s no danger from psychoactive properties as Black Bear Hemp’s CBD gummies, just like all our CBD products, contain 0.3% of THC or lower, as stated by federal regulations.
It all starts with the extraction of CBD from the hemp plant. These extracts are then infused with the common gummy base in order to get high-quality and delicious CBD edibles.
Black Bear Hemp CBD products, gummies included, are not designed as a cure or treatment for any ailment, illness or disorder. However, CBD gummies may help by increasing the sense of calmness and stress-relief before bed.
Numerous studies have confirmed that there are no significant negative side effects related to CBD gummies. Minor side effects are possible in very rare cases, and these include lightheadedness, dizziness, and dry mouth.
Black Bear Hemp’s CBD gummies are not created to treat or cure any disease, ailment, or disorder. The effect of CBD products such as CBD gummies is very individual and only you can confirm its efficiency when it comes to pain management, just like some consumers had done before you.
There’s no right serving size for CBD gummies that will apply to everyone. It all depends on what you need and how your body works. In general, the easiest option is to start with half a gummy and then increase the dosage if necessary. For more information on the matter, you can contact us at Black Bear Hemp.
The benefits of CBD are different for everyone. Consuming CBD gummies is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and get cannabidiol serving at the same time. You will find out what kind of benefits CBD gummies have for you once you try them. Most people have noticed a general sense of calmness and improved sleep.

No CBD product by Black Bear Hemp is meant to be used as a treatment or cure for any medical issue, and this includes CBD gummies. Still, CBD gummies taste great and contain CBD, which may promote wellness in a particular fashion for every individual. A great number of CBD users reported anxiety relief as one of the potential benefits.

With the 2018 update to the U.S. Farm Bill, growing hemp for commercial purposes has been legalized and regulated. Black Bear Hemp’s CBD products, CBD gummies included, contain 0.3% THC or lower, which meets federal requirements. Therefore, CBD gummies are widely available in the United States.