Have you been looking for a good place to buy CBD products? Well, look no further! Here at Black Bear Hemp, we focus on providing you and the rest of the world with the best CBD products you can find. Do you know how our hemp CBD products may help you? Here’s some insight!


Frequently Asked Questions

CBD, short for its scientific name, cannabidiol, is one of the most holistically potent compounds found in cannabis and hemp products. As a matter of fact, CBD, is one of the hundreds of known cannabinoids. It is considered to be the therapeutic powerhouse compound found in hemp plants; this is because CBD is primarily responsible for most of the beneficial effects hemp & cannabis have shown in the medical community.

CBD is also known for not causing any psychoactive effects. This factor makes CBD an extremely desirable supplement for many people who constantly need their wits about them but desire the therapeutic relief it provides. This is especially true when compared with the more famous, mind-altering THC cannabinoid that causes the characteristic “high,” that it is so well-known for. All of our products either have zero concentration of THC or below .3 concentration within our full spectrum products.

Most of the tincture supplements we sell here, at Black Bear Hemp, are hemp oil products that are actually completely THC free. Not limited to just tinctures, our THC free products only contain CBD derived from the highest quality hemp you can grow in the United States. Our THC free products include:

– THC Free Hemp Extract CBD Topical Lotion
– THC Free Hemp Extract CBD Gummy Bears
– THC Free Hemp Extract CBD Tinctures (in 500mg, 1000mg & 1500mg concentrations)
– Forbidden Fruit Terpenes CBD Vape Cartridges (either in 200mg/.05ml and 400mg/1ml sizes)

Since CBD is the hemp and cannabis compound that doesn’t cause psychoactive, mind-altering effects, you will be able to enjoy any and all of our THC free supplements without having to worry about catching an incidental “high” or failing a THC drug test. Try some of the aforementioned products today, so you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of hemp!

In order to provide you with the most complete CBD supplementation products, we also sell hemp products online that contain a full spectrum of CBD. Full Spectrum CBD products offer a more complete & broad profile of complementary cannabinoids like CBC, CBG & trace amounts of THC as well. Most people prefer full-spectrum products because of the broader range of therapeutic compounds that come together to have a greater impact on their endocannabinoid receptors & overall well being. Our full-spectrum CBD products include:

– Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Tincture (in 500mg, 1000mg & 1500mg concentrations)
– Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Topical Lotion
– Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Vape Oil

The THC concentration in these supplements is so small that you will not feel much of a psychoactive effect at all & will never get “high”. However, regular use of our full spectrum products could cause trouble with a drug test needed for employment or the judicial system if their test panels test for cannabinoids rather than just THC. If these factors are not an issue for you, feel free to try some of our full-spectrum CBD products, today!

At Black Bear Hemp, we create and sell a variety of different CBD vape products. Some of our vape supplements are pre-filled into cartridges, while others are sold in liquid form with a dropper to fill your vaporizer. We sell both THC free and full-spectrum CBD varieties of vape oil. Vape oils are generally considered to be some of the most effective and quick-acting CBD supplements on the market. Our CBD vape products include:

– Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Vape Oil
– Forbidden Fruit Terpenes CBD Vape Cartridges (either in 200mg/.05ml and 400mg/1ml sizes)

We also have an incredibly tasty CBD edible in the form of CBD gummies; they are our THC Free Hemp Extract CBD Gummy Bears. Not only are our gummy bears delicious and THC free, but they are also extremely innocuous and innocent looking. They provide you with an incredibly discreet way to get your CBD supplementation without anyone else noticing at all!
There are a ton of therapeutic benefits that you can enjoy by using CBD products. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

– Relief of pain
– Relief of inflammation
– Relief of nausea
– Relief of anxiety and/or depression
– Relief in the risk of diabetes
– Increase in the ability to relax and/or sleep

If you are looking to enjoy some of these benefits throughout your life, you should probably think of making CBD supplementation a regular part of your routine. That said, there is no better way to start than by trying our Black Bear Hemp CBD products!