Cannabis, hemp, and a variety of other plants, fruits, and botanicals produce natural aromatic flavorful compounds known as terpenes. Commonly referred to as the essence of the plant, terpenes are organic compounds that were initially developed by plants in order to attract helpful pollinating insects while also warding off many of the herbivores that eat them.


These fragrant, flavor-filled compounds also give so many different plants and fruits their characteristic fragrance and taste. Therefore, terpenes are what make cannabis or hemp so “dank” in its flavor and aroma.

However, terpenes are not just a type of flavor compound. They also provide beneficial synergistic effects for physical and mental health when combined with CBD and other cannabinoids. This is why it is important to incorporate natural terpenes into your CBD supplementation to achieve therapeutic effects.

At Black Bear Hemp, all of our full-spectrum products have naturally derived terpenes in them in order to provide the highest therapeutic value! In our THC Free vapes, we conducted lab testing on the cannabis strains we emulated, in which we were able to analyze the terpene profile of the strain and rebuild it using the exact terpenes from other plants, fruits and botanicals to provide naturally derived terpenes with our CBD isolate vapes to provide the full therapeutic value of the cannabis strain without the high.

The terpenes in Black Bear Hemp products come from a variety of plants so that you can enjoy the health benefits and aromas of terpenes without any risk of THC dosing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black Bear Hemp prides itself on the production of the finest quality CBD products by utilizing organically-grown industrial hemp without a trace of dangerous chemicals. The hemp plant contains different compounds, which include cannabinoids (CBD) and terpenes.

We at Black Bear Hemp use industrial hemp to extract the rich amounts of these active compounds without the actual THC, which is the compound responsible for producing the feeling of “high” in marijuana.

By using the hemp plant for extraction of CBD and terpenes, Black Bear Hemp lets you experience the benefits of these active compounds for yourself while keeping the amount of THC at 0.3% or lower. In that respect, you get the most out of the hemp plant without the psychoactive properties of THC.

Together with CBD, terpenes are active compounds found in the hemp plant. These compounds are usually responsible for the plant’s aroma, but they also have their own properties that may be beneficial in terms of wellness. When you take CBD and terpenes combined, you get the most out of the product. Essentially, terpenes boost the efficiency of CBD in your body.
Both CBD terpenes and CBD oil have their own beneficial properties. However, there’s no need to separate them as the most potent effect from a CBD product is associated with the combination of CBD and terpenes. This leads to the so-called Entourage Effect, meaning that these compounds will amplify each other’s benefits. For instance, people who find CBD helpful for soothing their anxiety might actually experience a stronger benefit by combining CBD with certain terpenes.
All of our CBD products contain no more than 0.3% THC, which means you can’t ever get high from CBD.
Not all CBD contains terpenes. However, Black Bear Hemp CBD is derived from industrial hemp, which is rich in terpenes as well. Using our CBD products will provide you with a high terpene concentration as well.
After the update to the U.S. Farm Bill in 2018, cultivating hemp for commercial use has been legalized with certain regulations. Thanks to the said update, it’s possible to find CBD terpenes available for purchase across the US.
Using CBD terpenes shouldn’t cause any serious side effects. However, keep in mind that you might get slightly dizzy if you continue to inhale a concentrated form of terpenes.
There are 200+ different terpenes with their own distinctive aromas and properties. The effect of using CBD terpenes varies from person to person. Some users have also reported experiencing anti-anxiety benefits after consuming certain terpenes.
Different people react to different CBD terpenes differently. While side effects are extremely rare and very minor, benefits can vary considerably. Some users have found that certain CBD terpenes help them with pain relief.