Black Bear Hemp would like to introduce you to our various CBD lotion and topicals products! Our CBD pain relief topicals are known to be some of the most discreet and effective on the market. They are great forms of homeopathic therapy that you can use anytime and anywhere for inconspicuous and fast-acting pain relief.


At Black Bear Hemp, we aim to help relieve your pain by providing you with the highest possible quality doses of the most effective anti-inflammatory compound found in nature – CBD!
Our CBD topicals and lotions are formulated to offer you a variety of unique and effective health benefits.

Competitive Advantages of Black Bear Hemp Topicals & Lotions

We are proud to say that we offer vastly superior products than our competitors, and here’s why:
– Our CBD cream for pain has a very high concentration of CBD
– Our massage oils and lotions contain pure CBD that is extracted with CO2
– Each one of our CBD topical products is delivered in bottles that contain 500 mg CBD per every 2 oz jar

– Our Full Spectrum CBD lotion contains all of the different available cannabinoids, terpenes and other medicinally active compounds found in our top-grade hemp. Keep in mind that this means that these types of CBD creams can contain up to 0.3 percent THC concentration.
– Our THC-free CBD lotion is formulated to contain no THC at all. Unfortunately, this also means that some terpenes and other cannabinoids normally found in hemp will not be found in this type of topical.
– For best results, our creams are made for topical application onto the skin, usually to be directly applied to the area of the body affected by pain
– All of our products are sourced from the highest quality American hemp available.

Our Black Bear Hemp CBD lotions are not your typical CBD relief balms. All of our topical products are made from top quality industrial hemp, unrefined cocoa butter, aloe, and coconut oil in order to allow your skin the easiest possible absorption.

Black Bear Hemp’s CBD pain relief creams also contain an impressively high concentration of CBD (in comparison to our competitors) that will allow you to get the most effective cannabinoid therapy while using as little of the product as possible. We also have full-spectrum varieties to allow for the most holistically potent CBD therapy you can legally find in the United States!

We provide not just lotions and creams but also all types of different products that contain top quality full-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. Feel free to explore our website and check out all the products that we have to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Black Bear Hemp, we make our CBD products by using the extracted cannabidiol from top-quality, organic hemp. Just like all of our CBD products, Black Bear Hemp CBD lotions and topicals utilize the best ingredients so that you can get full satisfaction from your purchase.
Yes, many of our satisfied customers reported that CBD cream helped with chronic pain. You should also know that CBD cream can be used for a variety of reasons that suit the individual, as it’s not created for pain treatment specifically.
Some people may find our CBD cream helpful for arthritis relief but Black Bear Hemp CBD products cannot be considered a treatment or cure for any ailment or disease.
There are many different uses when it comes to CBD cream. Different people find this type of product effective for their own individual needs. You can check customer feedback for more info or get in touch with us directly if you want to learn more!
When you choose Black Bear Hemp CBD creams, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality product made from organically-grown hemp. Our hemp has 0.3% THC, virtually none, which means that there’s no danger of experiencing any type of “high”.
Thanks to the updated U.S. Farm Bill from 2018, commercial hemp growth was legalized and regulated. Therefore, CBD products sourced from industrial hemp have become widely available in the United States.
It’s always best to start with a small amount and apply the CBD cream on the targeted body area. This will allow you to get a sense of how much product works best for you. In general, our customers report that the tube tends to last them for about a month with regular use. It all depends on your own needs and application preferences.
The ideal environment for CBD cream is a dry and cool space. Make sure to keep it somewhere kids cannot reach as well.
Different customers find CBD topicals effective for different purposes. The end result is rather individual but you can inform yourself a bit better by checking our feedback section or getting in touch with us at Black Bear Hemp.
Just like CBD creams, CBD topicals are meant to be used on the skin only. You apply the product to the targeted area on your body. CBD topicals should never be consumed orally.
No particular side effect has been linked to topical CBD products. You might experience skin irritation due to some other ingredient in the product you’re sensitive to.
The effect of CBD creams varies from person to person. Your personal experience is the best way to learn how and to what extent you can benefit from the product.