Have you ever wanted to buy and wear any hemp apparel or marijuana clothing? As a result of the massive public acceptance of hemp, CBD, medical marijuana and recreational cannabis throughout the entire United States; many men and women are interested in wearing cannabis clothing that represents their favorite herb.


So as a result of this demand and ever growing community that is a melting pot of communities, we at Black Bear Hemp have decided to launch our own cannabis lifestyle clothing brand! Our focus will be on popular culture, hemp, CBD, zen, sacred geometry & generally cool hippy, trippy, urban ish. Light your spliff, dust the ashes off of your Black Bear Hemp shirt.

Black Bear Hemp is Now Introducing our New Cannabis Lifestyle Apparel Brand!

Black Bear Hemp is happy and pumped to introduce our brand new cannabis lifestyle clothing store to you and your hemp, herb, marijuana-loving friends. Our new cannabis culture brand consists of a wide variety of stylish unisex dad hats, T-shirts & accessories like backpacks, cell phone cases & more. Our T-shirts are available in many styles, stay tuned as we roll out more designs periodically.

While we are well known for providing the best possible quality dosages of the most potent anti-inflammatory compound found in nature, CBD, through our wide variety of Black Bear Hemp CBD supplements, we have decided it would be wise to bring to our extremely valuable consumers and fan base a hemp lifestyle clothing brand that they can wear happily and proudly. This is why we have launched our new weed clothing apparel line, so that we can use our connections to make unbelievably stylish and dope (no pun intended) clothing for you and your friends. We want to give you not only the best hemp products to ingest, but also the best hemp life apparel shirts and hats to wear and look great in!

Our entire line of cannabis apparel is made from 100% soft cotton. That way we maximized both the durability and breathability of the fabrics that make up our clothing line. On top of that, we have kept our shirts and hats priced very reasonably.

If you are interested in taking a closer look at our Black Bear Hemp lifestyle clothing brand, explore the store above! Bear with us & see the forest from the trees while looking fresh to death in our hemptastic, one love, cannabis culture brand!